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Nick JuliPearsall4
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Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrels make it possible to shoot 9mm ammunition from .40 S&W (Glock® 23) or 357 SIG (Glock® 32) pistols.
This barrel will be used in manufacturing unit-ported or inventory pistols, but is intended for use in the Glock® 23 or Glock® 32 pistols only for conversion from forty S&W or .357 SIG to 9mm. Threaded 1/2 x 28 to suit popular suppressors from numerous manufacturers.

The Wheaton Arms 9mm Conversion Barrel gives a high degree of accuracy and reliability for your pistol. The Wheaton conversion barrel boasts a precision match reamed chamber to maximise accuracy, enhance reliability and operate easily. Its polished feed ramp gives clean functioning and improves reliability.
The barrel’s 11-diploma target crown protects the bore by being barely recessed and improves sturdiness and accuracy. Lone Wolf 1:Sixteen - Most aftermarket/match grade barrels run 1:Sixteen barrel twist rate and I've gotten very good accuracy (on par with KKM) with most jacketed/plated bullets.
The Cloak Tuck 2.Zero was an excellent holster, however the Cloak Tuck 3.Zero is a fantastic one. While testing was not comprehensive (I only tested jacketed and plated bullets), accuracy produced was not pretty much as good as KKM/Lone Wolf with 1:Sixteen barrel twist charge.

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