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Nick GlennValenti
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Land Polynesien
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Kaba Mas manufactures access control merchandise for business, authorities and institutional functions.

In 2001, the Kaba Group, a market leader in safety gadgets, acquired Ilco Unican Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries, including Mas-Hamilton. Once part of the Kaba Group, Mas-Hamilton and the Ilco Unican line of mechanical combination and secure deposit locks became part of the Kaba Mas Corporation. Since its inception, Kaba Mas has grown from 5 to 120 staff and is now one of many world's largest manufacturers of safe and secure deposit locks.
Traditionally, safe deposit field locks are dual-key-required lever locks that function a bolt. The original goal of the secure deposit field lock was to take care of security of the safe deposit containers for each the administration and the renter. To open a traditional protected deposit field lock, each the right guard's key and renter's key were required.
The guard's key can be used first to clear and permit operation of the lock. Then the renter's key can be inserted and would function the lock, retracting the bolt.

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